exhibition "Signed portraits"

april 14-26th in Alès (30), France.

with several events on the theme of French Sign Language

Theater: “Much ado about nothing” by William Shakespeare with FSL interpreters (translators) playing among other comedians.

Movie: “Wonderstruck” by Todd Haynes, with adpated subtitles

Movie: “Sound of Metal” by Darius Marder, with adpated subtitles , and debate FSL translated by interpreter

"What about going together ... ?"

"What about going together ... ?" : radio series to raise awareness about visual diability, produced by Anne Barthélemy (audio-descriptor) and Patrice Bertin (blind).

november 14th-18th 2022: the series was  broadcasted on twelve french radios.

Being there

"Being there" exhibition and readings in Paris, january 2022

Tiny lives
contemplaciones during quarantine times    https://vimeo.com/418029891
contemplaciones despite the end of quarantine times     https://vimeo.com/433919179
sound slideshows

"Vies minuscules (1-6)" is part of Mucem's collection « Living in the time of confinement »

Exhibition of "Nor Just Disappear"
"Nor Just Disappear", photos with Pierre Bernardi
february 21st  - september 5th, 2020
Talons Aiguilles //Tattoo Piercing Shop
in Alès (Gard, France)

Photo exhibition at Cevenn'Ink tattoo festival in Alès (30)
Photo exhibition, "Nor Just Disappear" commun work with Pierre Bernardi, during Cevenn'Ink tattoo festival in Alès (30) 19-20 october 2019

Exhibition of "Signed Portraits"
Exhibition of "Signed Portraits" and drawings by Deaf artist Jean-Michel Rol, 14-28 september
during INOUI sign languages festival in Ganges (30), 27-28 september 2019

exhibition of "Signed Portraits" in St Christol-lez-Alès (France, 30)

La main Dans La Casquette (Hand in the cap)
Creation of a creative awareness collective on health and disability issues
with Laure Gruel and Stéphane Moiroux

Exhibition of "Signed Portraits" in Montpellier (south of France)
Exhibition of "Signed Portraits" in Montpellier (south of France) during International Day of the Deaf, on september 22nd 2018

Exhibition "Signes d'Echo"
photo work about   real vs imaginary Sign Language, ordered by dance company DANA in 2012
will be exhibited for the second time at Rennes 1 University (Brittany, France) during national event, bringing together the disability structures of higher education institutions
march 29th-30th ,2018

exhibition of "Ne nehledej (no, do not seek)"
presented at AlèsInk tattoo shop in Alès (Gard, France), from november 22nd to january 5th

Exhibition of "Signed Portraits"
in Deaf Section of Malraux public library, Paris 6th arrdt, 02-22 october 2014

exhibition of "Ne, Nehledej"

made with Pierre Bernardi,


during Rencontres Photographiques, town hall of Paris 10th district,

october 17th - november 30th 2013


Exhibition of "Signed Portraits"

 at André Malraux media library, ERMONT (France, 95), 15-27 september 2014

Order and exhibition Mallarmé

Order of a "Signed Portrait" of french writer Stéphane Mallarmé (his personal sign in French Sign Language)

for an exhibition organized by museum Mallarmé of Vulaines-sur-Seine (77), from september 14th to december 16th, 2013

Dessassossegada project

2nd part of residence in Brazil for Dessassossegada project,

with Dana dance company, july 2013