Short portfolio of portraits since 2004
 Sophiatou Kossoko, dancer and choreographer, 2004
 Pierre Bernardi, photographer, 2012
 Prisca Gerber and her son Théo, 2017
 GAÏA EXPERIENCE, ethnic jewelry. model: Steph Bone from Talons Aiguilles piercing shop, 2018
 Laurent Valo, actor, 2007
 Sophiatou Kossoko, dancer and choreographer, 2012
 Niki Göransson, artist, 2012
 Olivier Roller, photographer, 2007
 Aline Beaune, oenologist of the Castle la Crée, Santenay (21) in Burgundy, France, 2009
 Sébastien Derrey, actor and stage director, 2005
 KikA, Dj, 2012
 Guillaume Deschamps, graphist, 2012
 Margaux, model, 2012
 Catherine Jabot, actress, 2005
 jewels GAÏA EXPERIENCE, and clothing MIMISAN, model : Mimi, 2018
 visual for ‟Them No Go See‟ of IGI company, with Sophiatou Kossoko, 2012