I started practicing photography as an autodidact, exploring it as a visual experiment. at that time i also started taking live-shows pictures. But after few years working as picture achivist, as a volunteer in social issues, and as audiodescriptor (image translator), my point of view evolved. Then i began to make documentary reports on social and cultural issues. I use multimedia when necessary for the story. I also make what is called subjective photography. and i still work with dancers.

Alongside my activity as a photographer, I have been an audio-description author for the Accès Culture association for 15 years. During a theater or opera show, I lend my eyes to blind spectators by describing the sets, costumes, staging... so that they can fully enjoy the performance. (to discover the association:

Since the confinements of 2020 (covid-19), I have started to develop sound formats in which I use descriptions to propose awareness projects in a complementary line to my photo projects.