Overview of different corporate works
 Awareness exhibition to mental disability. Created for business sector. 10 pairs of kakemonos + 3 testimony flyers.
Photographic creation and designing, in collaboration with Stéphane Moiroux. Texts by Laure Gruel.
 Winery Castle ‟Château de la Créé‟, established in Santenay, Burgundy (France)
 Mission Handicap of MAIF company : Awareness exhibition for the employees of the company.
Photo report and designing of 6 kakemonos
 Beauty salon Au plaisir de Soie, in Montevrain, France
 Stephan Barrere, French-FSL (french sign language) interpreter during a liaison meeting with a couple of deaf parents, before the arrival of the special educator who has an appointment with them. This preparation allows the interpreter to have details of their case in order to be sure I understood the situation perfectly, which which will help during the translation of the appointment. Parisian region. Order for the french newspaper L'Ecole des Parents.