Tiny lives

Photo series accompanied by sound recordings that I made at the start of the 1st confinement. Being lucky to live in the countryside, I started it to bring a breath of fresh air to my family and close friends, some being city dwellers confined to apartments, others being caregivers. Then I let myself be drawn into these contemplation sessions, like a daily meditation, where the relationship to time was transformed, where the wonder of fragility prevailed.

contemplations during quarantine times (1-6)    https://vimeo.com/418029891
contemplations despite the end of quarantine times (7-10) https://vimeo.com/433919179
sound slideshows (turn up the sound to the maximum to better enjoy the immersion)

"Vies minuscules (1-6)" is part of Mucem's collection « Living in the time of confinement »